Our mission is to humanize the educational experience, increase long-term 

student wellbeing, and  to send capable, compassionate leaders into the world

who understand how to thrive in our constantly changing environment.


We integrate well-being science with core academic content to create meaningful learning opportunities. We cultivate student wellbeing by educating students about their health, environment, social-civic, happiness, skills, academic engagement, safety and security. We foster a supportive environment where we learn  from our mistakes and successes in order to develop confidence in our authentic selves. We encourage students, staff, and parents to learn together in a symbiotic relationship while sharing the responsibility of leadership.



Healthy Relationships

Compassion, Inclusion, Tolerance, and Love

Self Reflection and Growth Mindset

Shared Responsibility

Creative Exploration and Confident, Considered Risk-taking

Diversity in all its forms – ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, cultures

Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

Transparency and Open Communication


We brought our vision of a bright future for education to this beautiful 

valley in western Colorado; we connected with families who supported us, and PELA was founded.  We are a small private secondary school serving students in seventh through twelfth grade. We are changing education into an experience of self-discovery supported by a caring community.

Our Story


"Every day I wake up and, for the first time ever, my education finally feels like an

extension of my life. I honestly couldn't

imagine myself anywhere else."

                                                 - Current Student


"School must be a genuine form of active community life." - John Dewey

Build relationships. 


"PELA is for students who are self- motivated and disciplined. It is not as easy as you would think, but if you challenge yourself and choose to push your boundaries, you will benefit immensely and forever."  - Current Student

Rise to the


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