Our goal is to provide students with an enriching and engaging curriculum that includes, guest professionals and experts, field trip experiences, and leadership opportunities.
For the 2021-2022 school year, we will admit
12-13 students in the Junior High: 7th-9th grade
12-13 students in the Senior High: 10th-12th grade. 

Where does tuition money go?

Teachers.                       41%                    

Operations                   14%                      

Rent                               10%                         

Executive Director         8%                        

Transport                        6%                        

Food:                                9%                       

Books & Supplies           3%                       

Experiences & Trips       8%                        



Total Parent Contribution                           $9,200.00


                 $2000 will be spent on your student during the year.

This money is spent on field trips, lodging, food, transport, books, supplies, admission fees, and events.