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Graduation Requirements

While we do have a unique curriculum, our students graduate from PELA with an exceptional transcript that demonstrates academic rigor, personalized learning, and leadership.


Diploma Candidates must complete: 38 Credits. Each credit is 100 hours. 

4 credits of  Language Arts

4 credits of Math

4 credits of Science

4 credits of Social Science

4 credits of Expressive Arts

4 credits of Leadership

4 credits of Physical Education

2 credits of Health &  Safety

3 credits of  Foreign Language

1 credit of Technology

1 credit of Internship, Work Study, or Mentorship

1 credit of Senior Studies: Vocational or College Prep

1 credit of Independent Study

1 credit of Volunteering

Our Graduates

"Going to The Paonia Experiential Leadership Academy was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. The teachers and staff here gave me the resources I need to achieve my dreams. When I started high school here I was very unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and had very little confidence in myself, but after finding a community within this school my entire perspective on life changed and I realized that I wanted to move to New York and pursue a career in acting. I graduated as Valedictorian and got in to every school I applied to. I now live in Manhattan and go to one of the top acting schools in the country. Emily and Phil Wassell are two of the best people I’ve ever met and I can truly say that they made my life better in every way. I can’t thank them enough. If you are thinking of going to the academy or looking to enroll your child/children I would say yes, a million times yes, there’s nothing better you can do for yourself or your child than allow them to be immersed in the beauty and community that is Paonia Experiential Leadership Academy!" - Liza Eller

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