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Dr. Emily Wassell is the founder of PELA, and has her PhD in Educational Leadership with a focus on the Science of Wellbeing from University of Colorado Colorado Springs, her Masters in Teaching from Colorado College, and her Bachelors of Science in English from Colorado College.  Emily is passionate about education, and a Colorado native. 

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Phil Wassell is a founding homeroom teacher at PELA, and he has his Masters in Teaching from Colorado College, and his Bachelors of Fine Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Phil is an enthusiastic teacher and a talented artist who loves to be outdoors and delights in learning.


Dr. Emily Wassell

Phil Wassell


Amy Hebert

Amy's passion for travel, culture and languages started in high school, when she studied in Denmark. She earned bachelor's degrees in journalism and geography from CU-Boulder, and worked as a journalist before joining the U.S. Foreign Service. She served as a diplomat in China and Cuba. Amy loves the process of learning and teaching through music, food, travel and adventure.

Dr. Barbe Chambliss

Dr. Barbe Chambliss is a psychotherapist and mediator.  Now her purpose is to wake up the conscious peacemaker in as many people as possible. Her work is an ongoing exploration into the practice of peacemaking, which she defines simply as people treating each other with equal respect.  Barbe is a fourth-generation Coloradan. 

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