Our school enjoys the natural beauty of Colorado.  At a minimum, 2-3 days of every week are spent on learning expeditions outside of a traditional classroom. The itinerary for travel is shaped by student interest, the seasons, and events and celebrations in and around Colorado. Students also plan and organize a leadership trip that will take us out of Colorado as well. We believe that travel provides a rich and rewarding experiential education.

Individualized Learning

In order to provide a rigorous and personalized curriculum for each student, all students have holistic individualized learning plans that address their goals, learning style, and areas for growth. Students are in charge of documenting their learning, and students participate in self assessment. The needs and dreams of each student are considered in curriculum planning. Every student receives an engaging and personalized curriculum that adequately covers traditional subjects, and then extends student inquiry to personal passions as well. 

Service and Volunteering


The staff and the students will choose locations and causes for service and volunteering. On average once a week students will volunteer for a charity, cause, or local group or individual. Students are required to volunteer, and the school will also coordinate school wide service trips and events.

Time in Nature


In our modern world, everyone needs more time in nature. Colorado is filled with beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes. Students will have time for quiet reflection, fun, and exploration. Students are able to ski, hike, swim,  climb, bike, and explore the beauty and the lessons availabe in the natural world.



 Students are all taught critical skills for lifelong wellbeing. Students learn how to cook, and how to grow and prepare food from the garden. Students will learn about their physical and mental health. Students learn about personal finance and hygeine. Students are given the opportunity to focus on skills and hobbies that make them happy. Students work on developing their talents and abilities. Teachers and guest presenters share critical life lessons with students such as how to establish and maintain healthy relationships, how to travel safely, how to give back to the community, and how to work toward making dreams come true.