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Wellbeing is about finding a balance between our challenges and our resources. We teach students about the skills and habits that contribute to individual wellbeing. We  also measure and monitor student wellbeing. We design activities to increase student wellbeing.

Appreciative Inquiry incorporates positive psychology and a four-step process to work towards improving groups or individuals. Rather than focusing on weaknesses, Appreciative Inquiry strives to discover strengths in people, and then dream of their highest potential. Our school year includes multiple Appreciative Inquiry projects designed by students, staff, and families ranging from one week to one semester in length. The destiny of projects is reflected upon to demonstrate learning, and to evaluate their impact, success, and need for further action.

Place-based education is focused on using local resources to provide educational opportunities. We will use local businesses, individuals, history, agriculture, nature, and government as sources for engaging educational opportunities.

Quantum principles of leadership guide our motivations. This means focusing on relationships, patterns, complexity, diversity, uncertainty, and ambiguity. We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Quantum wisdom suggests that systems thrive when their functions intersect or interact. We are interested in increasing the potential prosperity of our students, staff, families, and community by facilitating interactions with the social system around us.

Experiential education is about integrating the head, heart, and hand so that students are able to learn through carefully chosen experiences that are supported by reflection, critical analysis, and synthesis. The world becomes our classroom, and our human experience becomes our curriculum.

Leadership is skill we are all capable of. We nurture the leader in each student by encouraging them to: be different, diversify their social network, and make decisions that will shape their future. We lead by example: working alongside each other as equal participants in the learning process.

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