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Field Trips

We give students regular real-world learning opportunities that connect students with our beautiful landscapes, talented community, resource filled state, amazing country, and magical world. 

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During orientation, students learn about classmates, school,  teachers, and what the year ahead will bring them. We take students camping on Kebler pass, and immerse them in experiential learning and leadership opportunities.


Weekly Field Trips

Each week we take at least one content focused field-trip. Sometimes this is to a local expert, business, or place. Other times this is to a specific location to enhance our understanding of the topic we are studying


Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is an annual opportunity to be a part of the Paonia Community, and step up to leadership opportunities. Some years we run a food booth, while others years we sell student arts or crafts. 


Dominguez Canyon

The beautiful and ancient Dominguez Canyon is a student favorite. We either set up a base camp, or do a backpacking trip for students to see the magnificence of this canyon. Students are in charge of meals, activities, and problem solving when we are in the canyon. 


Front Range Trip

Each year we rotate between Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Wanita Hot Springs. Students plan and budget the entire trip. Students pick and plan activities, cultural events, volunteering, exploring unique environments, and experiencing the cultural opportunities available in the city. 

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Hut Trip

Some years we go on the Hut Trip, to a beautiful mountain hut on Lizard-head Pass near Telluride. Students are in charge of meal plans, cooking, and activities. The students love to be off the grid and bonding without technology. Students particularly love the sauna, sledding, games, and hot chocolate!

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End of the year Leadership Trip

The final trip of the year is a test of the students: to organize, plan, and create a leadership trip that includes all the areas of wellbeing. Students must budget, research, and agree with their peers on the location and activities for the trip. Students create memories, and get to explore outside of Colorado. 

Florence Cathedral
Florence Cathedral

Europe Trip

Some years we take the students on international trips. In 2024, we will be taking students to Europe to learn about European history through the lens of art. Students will be involved with planning, budgeting, and organizing the trip. 

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