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Summer Camps


June 19-23: Math- Data Analysis

Math: Data Analysis in the Real World 

 Students will review math skills (multiplication, division, equations, percentages, and fractions) , learn about statistics, design a statistical analysis project, and go to Six-Flags Elitches to poll people  and collect Data.. Students will return to campus to crunch the numbers, run regressions, and check for correlations. On the last day students will share their findings. 

 Monday: Review Math Skills & Learn about data analysis. Budget the trip.

 Tuesday: Drive to Denver, Denver Mint, Casa Bonita, Museum,  Sleep hotel

Wednesday: Six Flags, Collect Data & Ride Rides, drive home

Thursday: Enter the data into a spreadsheet, analyze the numbers

 Friday: Library Visit, create graphs, share data on a poster, poster presentations

Highlights: 15 hours of math, Budgeting, Denver Mint, Casa Bonita, Six Flags: Eliches, Spreadsheets, 

COST: $250


June 26-30 Reading & Hiking

Reading: " Zen On The Trail" by Christopher Ives


Students will enjoy a mindful retreat of backpacking in the Dominguez Canyon. We will practice and embody the lessons we read in our text, reflect in our journals, and share with the group. We will connect with ourselves, each other, and the outdoors.

Monday : Introductions - Reading Skill Objectives - organizing & packing - Camp at Carson Hole.              

Tuesday  : Move camp to Big Dominguez campground - Read - Explore - Reflect - Meditate 


Wednesday: Move camp further down the canyon in the wilderness area - Solo time - Read - Discuss - Meditate

Thursday : Move camp to Gunnison River Confluence - Learn to summarize, analyze, and synthesize

Friday: Read - Final Assignment and presentations - Hike out to Bridgeport Trailhead - Head home

Highlights: Reading & Discussion - Reading Skills - Camping - Meditation - Journaling - Personal Reflection

COST: $250

  July 10-14: Photography & Journalism 

Journalism & Photography


Monday:  Interviews*, Ethics, Ice Cream Shop* & Portraits Basics 

Tuesday:  Stand Up Paddle-board Trip*, writing with the 5 senses,   


Wednesday:   What makes news?  Delicious Orchards*, North fork Pool*

Thursday:    Nature Connection* & Writing Articles & picking pictures

Friday: Library, editing, fact checking, Layout, and print!

Highlights: 10 hours of writing experience, 5 hours of photography experience, learn about teen employment opportunities, SUP trip, Swimming Pool trip, getting published

COST: $250

  July 17 - 21 Writing College Essays

This week will focus on writing college essays

Monday: Virtually Tour your dream schools and make lists on them. Interview friends and Family about you

Tuesday: Draft an essay- Look at winning essays , work on your resume

Wednesday:  Start a second essay- read it like an admissions committee- Talk about letters of recommendation

Thursday: Read each other's essays and make notes on what is in there

Friday:  Trip your essay down by, Black Cat Pizza for lunch,  summarizing what you have learned

Highlights: 15 hours of essay writing, College Planning, editing, college research, scholarship applications

COST: $250

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