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2021-2022 Block Courses

Each block we will focus on the same core skills

Math                                  Physical Fitness                         Leadership      Reading & Writing           Volunteering                              Mindfulness  

Health & Safety                Personal Wellbeing                   Place        Dance & Music                 Spanish & English                    Nutrition

Most weeks, students will get:

1 full-day PE outing in nature

1 full-day content-related field trip

9 hours of main lesson content

 2 hours of math

 2 hours of language

 2 hours of art

 1 hour each of health, leadership, and mindfulness.


Each block we will focus on a different content area and have a different final trip or event.

Here are the planned blocks and trips for the 2021-2022 school year.

Orientation: 10 days

Hiking, SUP trip, camping, and orientation to the school and our handbook.

August: Herbal Self-Care- Health

     Learn how to make herbal daily remedies

    Local Field Trips

September: Harvest Festival! 

      Mt. Lamborn

October: Statistics- Security

Learn how to read data, create data, and evaluate data.
Camping in Dominguez Canyon

November: Weather- Science

Learn how to read the weather, visit a weather studio, 
Denver Leadership Trip NOAA

December: Music- Skills

As a group, learn to sing a play music together for the community
PELA Community Meal & Performance

January: Poetry - Expression

Learn the classic poetry forms, read & write poetry
Hut Trip

February: Indigenous History- Knowledge

Service Project

March: Modern Literature & comics- Civics

Read, analyze, and interpret literature with comics. 

Enter a contest

April: Physics- Science

Learn basic physics and build simple machines
Field Trips

May: Leadership

End of the year Leadership Trip
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