2020-2021 Block Courses

Each block we will focus on the same core skills

Math                                  Physical Fitness                         Leadership      Reading & Writing           Volunteering                              Mindfulness  

Health & Safety                Personal Wellbeing                   Place        Dance & Music                 Spanish & English                     Etiquette


Each block we will focus on a different content area and have a different final trip or event.

Here are the planned blocks for the 2020-2021 school year.

Orientation: 3 days

Hiking, SUP trip, camping, and orientation to the school and our handbook.

August: Home Economics​

     In small teams, harvest local produce and see how your team can add value

September: Geometry

     Building things for our campus using geometry

October: Astronomy

Camping in Dominguez Canyon

November: Theater

All students will participate in the student written and performed musical.
Denver Leadership Trip

December: Logic & propaganda

Kind and thoughtful gifts

January: Psychology

Hut Trip

February: World History

Research Project

March: 2D Art

Pencil, ink, paint

April: Biology

Plant and animal biology

May: Leadership

End of the year Leadership Trip